About Country’s Barbecue

As soon as you arrive at Country’s Barbecue in LaGrange, you realize you’re at a proper BBQ joint. Pull right in to the parking lot and you’ll see stacks of hickory and oak logs. You’ll also smell the delicious smoke that somehow finds its way all over downtown LaGrange. It’s our best form of advertising!

You know when you get here that you’re in for a treat.

We make our ‘cue the hard way – low and slow. Our meat is slow-cooked over the hot coals and smoke of hickory and oak. That’s how we’ve done it since 1975. No short cuts. The results are some of the most consistently perfect BBQ around.

The rest of our food can only be described one way, homemade. Our brunswick stew takes two days to make from scratch. Almost everything is made right here, even our pies. We squeeze fresh lemons for the lemon pie and lemonade. Our french fries are fresh cut in the restaurant.

For those of you watching your waistband, we have health conscious items, too. Our many vegetables, barbecue chicken, eye of round beef, grilled chicken fingers, smoked turkey, low fat and no fat dressings. We fry in 100% peanut oil. We will always try our hardest to make Country’s a great place for you to fill up.

In 2005, Bobby Padgett opened Country’s Barbecue in LaGrange. Bobby is the former manager of the original Country’s Barbecue in Columbus and had been with Country’s over 25 years prior to coming to LaGrange and starting his own restaurant. Bobby’s serious about BBQ, but equally serious about bass fishin’. If he’s not at Country’s, chances are he can be found on West Point Lake or Lake Eufaula.